Monday, December 03, 2018

Links Development Consultation - a flying visit on Saturday on the way to the football

This observer attended the Links consultation held by Highland Council in the Community and Arts centre at 14.30 on Saturday afternoon. It looked pretty good, with a huge map on the floor, pictures on the wall and information posters for you to look at and some buttons to put in a plastic jar for whatever really tickled your Christmas fancy. Pictures below.

Individual images here

We had a bit of a blether with one or two folk, including some of Santa's little helpers who had just finished another busy shift downstairs at the Nairn Play Christmas fair. Here it all was before us, the ultimate Nairn Links Christmas wish list. This observer bottled it however (the lure of Station Park and Nairn County versus Deveronvale at 15.00 was beckoning), handing my button tokens (invest in your Links dreams currency?) over to Tom Heggie who was in situ with his three colleagues.

We understand from what Tom Heggie had to say at a recent Nairn River Community Council meeting that this consultation is wide ranging, has included Team Hamish, schools, etc, etc. 15K of Common Good cash has been set aside for consultation. It all looks top of the range and will be online too we were told. Here's hoping whatever people want doesn't get left on the shelf with all the other reports and plans that have come and gone over the years. It was evident from the River CC meeting that there are different ideas about where the money will come from with a school of thought that Team Hamish cash is the only game in town while Peter Saggers believes that the Common Good could possibly make contributions and Tom Heggie speaking about the eventual resulting framework accessing other funds.

Meanwhile the award winning Team Hamish plan certainly seems to be raising Nairn's profile out there in town planning world.

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