Monday, December 03, 2018

S2S plans no more


D.Ross said...

Great news!

Now to those campaigners:-

Lets get rid of those oil tankers which repeatedly anchor of our beach & cause lots of audible pollution. The past few days we have had both Petronordic & Petroatlantic anchored out in the middle of the SAC & the noise at night from those engines can be heard through double glazing!

Also tourists mistakenly believe that when the SEPA water quality signs state that the water has failed the test, that the oil tankers anchored out there are the cause of the failure!

They have no legitimate business to be anchored off our beach & in fact there is a specific oil tanker anchorage for them off Banff/MacDuff.

Climate change said...


The real campaign ahead of us is to stop being a carbon dependent society and I would suggest not your NIMBY idea of moving the oil tankers somewhere else