Monday, March 17, 2008

The amazing perpetually wet Firhall footbridge – is it a miracle?

No matter the weather conditions the foot part of the footbridge at Firhall is always very wet and the Gurn speculates as to why this is happening. Could we have a potential tourist attraction to rival the likes of the Chalice Well at Glastonbury? What an amazing chance, all the Tourist Authority has to do is download the Glastonbury spiel and put a Nairn Slant on it.
At the foot of the Firhall Village is the Chalice footbridge, a place of beauty, peace, and healing. Spiritual Pilgrims of all kinds have come to this special place from time immemorial.
Another theory is that Highland Council installed a ‘get the turds off your shoes’ mid-way dip on the re-vamped riverside walks, although most people seem prepared to pick up their animals mess as and when is necessary as they go round the river (we live in changing times indeed). This dip scenario is a good theory but surely it would have been mentioned in the press releases to the local media complete with picture of the ranger and the provost?

One regular walker has suggested that there may be a more mundane temporal reason that would need the intervention of a utility firm to sort things out? No can’t be true – let’s go with the miracle theory.

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