Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunshine and snow showers, brisk weather but bearable if you are still fired up with chocolate


Nairn said...

Despite the cold there are some beautiful vistas today, with the bright sunshine spotlighting the snow covered hills and mountains.

I have found this neat plug-in for obtaining weather on your PC

Just hope spring arrives soon - oh, its here!

looksharp said...

Yes, and don't the tree stumps which were gently felled by local anglers and left to trundle down the river in the first spate,really compliment their surroundings on the beach.

Graisg said...

The anglers cut back a few branches each year Looksharp but nothing on the industrial scale that would mean that the wood on the beach is down to them. Most of the stuff on the beach has come from a lot further up by the look of it and one or two folk still take chainsaws to the driftwood which explains the freshly cut look in the picture.
Besides the Gurn thinks it quite interesting to see driftwood on the beach, fun for the bairns too.

As for the local Anglers, well the Gurn sees them as fellow ecowarriors in the struggle to save the planet and thanks them for their guardianship of the part of the river that they use.

Nairn said...

I too like wood of all shapes and sizes on the beach.

I appreciate that local fishing brigades sometimes keep river paths open, but not sure if the act of fishing is very eco friendly? I am sure most are very responsible citizens but there are those who will leave discarded fishing line, hooks, lead etc, and I don't think passing fish would see fishermen as eco friendly!