Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Post Office closures - a really bad move by Labour?

The protesters in Nairn were ignored and the Harbour Street PO will close in April. No doubt many of the campaigners will take revenge at the ballot box as soon as the opportunity arises. This is a process that is being repeated right across the UK and in many towns and villages there will now be a nucleus of anti-labour activists wound up by the closure decision. Labour MP's must have realised this and the vote last night on the closures at Westminster was very close:
'The government's majority was cut to just 20 as the Conservatives lost a bid to prevent the planned closure of 2,500 sub-post offices. ' More on the BBC site.

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Nairn said...

The closure of Post Offices has proved very emotive. The Telegraph lists how Labour MPs voted on the issue:
and I am sure the Gurn is right in that the next chance citizens have to vote they will show their displeasure with this policy
I also note that one Boris Johnson is doing very well in the polls for mayor of London. I tend to take the view of the Financial Times:
even though I am sure our Boris might be against Post Office closures