Thursday, March 20, 2008

West End house for sale

Offers Over £420,000


Bill said...

I take it you have never attended performances held under the auspices of the Nairn Performing Arts Guild there? One of the great pleasures of my move to Nairn in 2000 was being able to attend the regular concerts, etc., there - specially as it is just round the corner from where I live and one could take a glass of wine into the performance to enjoy throughout the evening; very civilised indeed (and convivial, too - the host has that great knack of making everyone feel special).

Graisg said...

Bill it was a unique venue and will be sadly missed. The Clifton is a landmark in more ways than one.
PS Do you fancy flitting up the brae?

Nairn said...

The sale of Clifton House marks the end of an era for Nairn:
Gordon Macintyre (Owner and host) provided a unique atmosphere within the hotel. He rejected the notion of trouser presses in rooms (An iron was available upon request) and hence rebelled against the hotel star rating system, nonetheless the establishment’s reputation grew.
Nairn Performing Arts Guild held real little pinkie gatherings at Clifton, with numerous artists performing there (Most of the Macintyre family are of a thespian persuasion), the dining room being transformed into a theatre for the evening.
The only disappointment I had eating there was if it was an evening that Gordon wasn’t on duty. The food was still fine but it was as though a huge chunk of the pleasure was missing, such was his ability to entertain his guests
Maybe members of Nairn Performing Arts Guild good band together, purchase the property, and continue the tradition?
Failing that I note that Carter’s chip shop at the old bus station might make a suitable new venue? You are allowed to carry your chips (Served in a box not paper) to a table from where you can watch the never-ending performance of ‘folk waiting on the bus’! They’ll even let you raise your pinkie with your cup of tea – most convivial

Graisg said...

The Gurn Editor must confess to being a former employee of Gordon. Wouldn't have missed it for the world, above his cultural talents already mentioned, Gordon is an exceptional horticulturalist. The Gurn wishes him and all his family well.