Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Supermarkets and the cost of HGV fuel

Iright writes:
Nairn would be a real supermarket town if each and every retailer who has feigned interest in the last few years actually opened a branch here. The latest on the long list, that of Sainsburys.
Their latest plan for a Nairn store seems quite modest in size having just 20 stores in Scotland, the nearest being Aberdeen.
With HGV fuel costs going toward the £2 a mile any supermarket is going to find suppling NE Scotland as one with a high overhead, the nearest depots are usually hundreds of miles away
for all that Sainsburys might offer us. One thing for sure, if it does open it will clog the A96 even more as the masses from nearby Tesco towns come to see what all the fuss is about.
Thanks Iright, doesn't most of 0ur food come up the road from the central belt? Obviously most of it has another carbon footprint before it gets here. Maybe some of it even went down the road first before it came back up. Would the inquisitive heading for Nairn be cancelled out by those who no longer wished to go to the Tesco towns?

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Spelding said...

The railway station is just a few hundred yards up the line (as the crow flies) from the proposed site why can't freight be brought in this way, Safeway's used to do it in Inverness?