Saturday, March 08, 2008

Opinion - Nairn Harbour

Thanks to Iright for the following contribution.
Nairn HarbourThe once busy fishing port of Nairn is now in common with many other harbours a place for leisure boats. The harbour itself was completed as the demise in the fishing trade started. In recent years it is the pleasure boats that have kept it alive. An alarming development at some neighbouring harbours is that of a minimum charge. Lossiemouth harbour has introduced a minimum 8m provision, and the new marina at Inverness has in place a 10m charge. This means if you wish to moor a boat at either place that is less that the minimum length you will still be charged as though you are a larger vessel.Nairn harbour is enjoyed by many users with craft of varying sizes and we can only hope that Highland Council do not impose a minimum charge. One item in the small boats favour at Nairn is that the river and the harbour are continuing to silt so that access is increasingly limited, but one good dredging could see that problem shifted. We will wait and see

Thanks again Iright, by the way what do you think the effect of the proposed marina at the Carse might have on Nairn Harbour?

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