Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sainsburys get the go ahead! (From the punters in Nairn anyway)

Basking in the March sunshine the new community centre, today the scene of a steady stream of Nairn residents turning up to visit the Sainsbury consultation put in place by the supermarket store. It wasn't so much a question of people wanting to find out more about the planning application but more of a pilgrimage to show support for the proposal, for the dream of not having to drive to Inverness or Forres for a real choice of food such as other towns in the Highlands have. The proposal also offers 300 jobs, well we'll see what number of jobs are created if the proposal gets the go ahead but it would mean that people that travel to work in the Inverness supermarkets might soon have the chance to work in Nairn and not have to pay expensive bus fares or for fossil feul to get to work.
The punters want Sainsburys will the Highland Council go with the punters?

Meanwhile across the road from the community centre the boarded up buildings await another planning decision. Will it finally be all change in the town centre at last?

PS who was that guy with the ginger hair? Did he have a surgery in the community centre today or was he too showing his support for Sainsburys?


Bill said...

A Sainsbury's would be great! So far as I am aware the only other one in this part of Scotland so far is as far away as Aberdeen. Perhaps some people might even start coming from Elgin and Inverness to do their shopping in Nairn, with spill-over benefits for those commercial enterprises in Nairn wily enough to seize them!

wayforward2 said...

Anyone who was unable to visit the community centre exhibition can find out more about retail plans for Nairn and register their views at