Sunday, March 30, 2008

Labour Party policy bears fruit in Nairn

As Wendy Alexander said herself at Aviemore:

'Because for us – "Labour" is never simply a political party.
It is an attitude of mind;
An outlook on life,
a sense of historic,
of solidarity with and for others,
of struggle and achievement,
and even occasionally - heroic failure'

If you have a strong stomach the full speech is here

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Nairn said...

I watched a BBC interview on the net featuring Wendy yesterday
Insincerity seemed to drip off her so much so that had the interviewer asked her if her name was Wendy I doubt he would have enjoyed a straight answer.
As someone who endured the Thatcher years New Labour resemble little of the socialist (Labour) party I then supported.
But to be fair all parties seem to have changed their spots over the past few years.
What has gone for me is trust. No matter what their policies they have become professional story tellers who seem to enjoy creating a Disney world which might be funny if it were not for the fact that is our lives they are cartooning.
Money talks and that would seem to be the society our leaders are creating for us