Friday, March 07, 2008

The changing face of Nairn

Soon the old garage will go and 51 flats will be built on the garage site and other nearby land. Might be a bit stressful for residents trying to get their  cars on the A96 at peak times but the proximity of the beach and the riverside walks should make up for it.


Nairn said...

As exposed in 'The Gurn' traffic through Nairn at peak hours has become near gridlock at times. Should these new properties require yet another set of traffic lights so owners can access the A96 then the problem can only become much worse.
Without the Bailey bridge this is also the tourist route to our caravan site.
You can only ask as to how/why planning permission was given without thought about the impact upon the A96?

Graisg said...

Well to be fair to our local decision makers perhaps they don't have to/ aren't allowed to take that into consideration.
It isn't the traffic that will be generated from this site alone that is the problem in itself but all the other sites, big and small, the length of the A96 that are underway or on the drawing board. We'll see how far the A96 is from breaking point this summer when the tourist traffic joins the ever increasing flow through town.