Friday, March 21, 2008

Sorting office odd hours concern

A reader to the Gurn has noted a potential problem in the brave new world of less post offices that awaits us!
'For any of us who will have to travel an extra mile or two to get to our local post office next month only to find the postie has tried to deliver a parcel to you when you were out beware!
The enquiry office in Millbank Street now has 'odd' opening hours, namely it closes between 10:00 - 11:30. A mid morning siesta maybe? Is our government trying to tell us something about the Royal Mail now?'

Yes there is obviously a problem here, you could go the extra mile lol, only to find out you had to go it again and then again until the sorting office opens . Never mind the Gurn is sure that this is an issue that many anti-closure Labour MPs would have the bottle to abstain about! Cowardly comrades?


Anonymous said...

What is this nonsense about? The opening hours of the Callers Office at Royal Mail, Millbank Street, Nairn have been the same for at least the last 10 years. When a postman can't deliver a parcel he leaves a "Sorry we missed you card" which has, SURPRISE SURPRISE!!, the opening hours of the Office on the card. So no wasted journeys if the addressee reads the card properly. The reason for the 90min closing period is for delivery support and administrative reasons....not that it is any business of the Gurn....and nothing to do with mid-morning siesta!!

Royal Mail employees posties who work in all sorts of weather to deliver mail. In the main they do it efficiently and diligently but all that is forgotten when a putrid little website like this is short of meaningful constructive subject matter that benefits local people.

If you want to have a pop at somebody have a pop at some of the bucket-shop couriers that operate in the area, leaving parcel on doorsteps in the rain, lobbed over gates, mis-delivered and in some cases pinched.

I dont work for Royal Mail but a little research showed your article up for what it is.....oh and Royal Mail is a PLC...apart from the regulatory body the opening/closing hours of Royal Mail Nairn is nothing to do with the Government. Royal Mail is one of the few truly British institutions left.....don't knock it because you'd miss it if it was gone!!

Graisg said...

"What is this nonsense about?" This nonsense was written in 2008 anon.