Thursday, July 17, 2008

Carse Development still on course say developers

You need to rush out and buy the Highland News for the full story but it seems that the consortium that is behind the Whitness Head development are denying rumours that plans are on hold.
'A source told the Highland News that the company was laying off staff, demolishing offices and putting the site up for sale amid fears that the deepening credit crunch had placed the whole project in jeopardy.'
The developers strongly contradict the rumours however “We can assure the public there is no break in our momentum and this suggestion is completely unfounded.”
You'll have to go to the dead tree shop for more.
Who needs a new 500 berth marina on the Moray Firth when we have Nairn's very own 'kaleidoscopic riot of colour and shapes' down at the harbour? How does the harbour get a mention in a 'country diary'? The hard-core duck and swan police will be most upset if they read Ray Collier's article, it seems, 'Some people were feeding the gulls, despite a sign by the council warning against this practice "in the interest of health and safety'.


Nairn said...

I had always wondered about the pros and cons of feeding wild birds. A quick google round the internet suggests that feeding ducks is far from kind, quite the opposite - see:
Taming certain wild birds is wrong especially with white bread as they stop eating their natural foods. Maybe further signs are needed at the harbour and along the river to warn people not to feed any wildlife?

Spelding said...

Totally agree with iright. There is a huge element of 'killing with kindness' going on. Wonder what all this bread etc, is doing to the swans, ducks, gulls etc, constitutions? Might not be so bad if they were only getting fed occasionally, but there are people who are feeding them several times a day, every day.

I know people get enjoyment out of this but it must make the birds very lazy and very dependent on their next 'fix'. Do they really need to be getting fed during the summer anyway?

What would happen to them if everyone stopped? Maybe we need to get some counsellors ready for when the birds have to go cold turkey!

Graisg said...

The Gurn would like to point out that it has no problem with the Nairn Breadcrumb Brigade in anyway shape or form but in the interests of democracy is willing to allow miniority opinion to have its say in our community.

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder are some birds more equal than others? If we had hundreds of swans nesting on our roofs and had never seen seagulls before, then would we be totally amazed by the appearance of the new creatures.
Imagine another universe where the signs said 'Do not feed the swans'?

Anonymous said...

I too am with iRight and spelding. Feeding wild beasties bread holds the same logic as feeding bairns a constant diet of jam donuts. Both will happily eat the crap food till the sun goes down and then refuse or not want to eat healthy food.
I am sure folk are meaning well by throwing bread to the ducks and swans but the reality is that they're shortening the lifespan of the poor birds.
I enjoy watching wildlife but am happy with a pair of binoculars rather than a bag of bread crumbs
Maybe these posts will help to educate a few folk who as I've said probably mean well

Graisg said...

A prominent wildlife campaigner and bird feeder has contacted the gurn to state:
'Too many anon commentsn[...]not one genuine profile, so no credibility am afraid gurn.'

Anonymous said...

Take it from me feeding the ducks with bread is not a good idea. It will only lead to their inflation

Spelding said...

In reply to 'A prominent wildlife campaigner and bird feeder' who thinks that the rest of us have no credibility, perhaps the information and advice contained within this web site may be of interest?


Maybe we could encourage people who want to feed the birds to at least give them a healthier diet?