Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Alastair Noble becomes a MBE in the New Year's Honours list

"For services to Health, Social Care and Conservation in Nairnshire" details the 2015 New Year's Honours list.

Gurnites will know that Alastair Noble has been a tireless champion for the Common Good of the Nairnshire Community for many years. Congratulations Alastair.

Congratulations too to Fiona Sellar, principal music teacher at Nairn Academy, also now an MBE for services to education, music and charity in Nairn.



As chair of NICE.
At a public meting I asked him why they proposed as things needing to be done to build A new bridge at Firhall was told abruptly firhall needs A bridge. Well let me tell him there is a bridge there with a good bill of health but what is needed is a ramp up on to it for those who do not enjoy the best of health.

Anonymous said...

Well done Alistair, but what about our other MBE, Fiona Sellar our head of music at the Academy?

Graisg said...

Thank you anon

Anonymous said...

I got an o.b.e.
one boiled egg

Anonymous said...

Totally agree!

Graisg said...

@anon 20.31 cannot publish that comment.