Monday, December 22, 2014

Murd's Firhall Bridge Christmas update

Murd told the Gurn:

"Highland Council have stated: “We can confirm that the Council has reviewed a range of options that could be considered in relation to the Firhall Bridge, and in doing so has engaged with local elected members and other interested parties as part of that process. However, none of the options identified can be progressed without financial resources”

My reading of this would suggest that there was no support for the disabled. Or is it that the bridge is in the wrong place especially when the improved access was going to be built free by the army. Gordon sawmill had offered to supply timber. So any cost to the council would have been minimal. 

Strange how money can be sourced for other things when they want! Money was found to demolish a building to create a car park also money was available to make a ramp for horses to get onto the beach and there seems to be plenty of money for legal fees to remove a gate to allow access for cars at Kingsteps,Lochloy. Other things that have been suggested include a coastal path, building a brewery, landscaping the putting green - and there is the suggestion of dredging the harbour so people can get out to play with their boats. Is there not money that was left for improvements from Sainsburys (i.e.painting shops for businesses) that was never used?

And to top it all when N.I.C.E held out the begging bowl they were given considerable sums from the Community Councils and as far as I know have achieved nothing. Some of the comments made to me: “Why are you bothering you can cross?”-“If you don't need something it has nothing to do with you”.-"Why don't you give it a rest there's nothing we can do?”

There you go, to the attitude appears to be tough luck for the disabled or anyone who wants to cross but can't access the steps (by the way the steps do not meet today’s safety recommendations). Overall I think that the attitude from some in elected positions in Nairn is very disappointing. 

Judging by the attitude of the authorities you can bet your last dollar if there is any “planning gain” money forthcoming from any future development at Balmakeith it won't go in the direction of improvements to the access at the Firhall Bridge. 

For those who can't cross I will always try to get a ramp for you as you can gather I do consider others and do not give up as easily as some."


growtosow said...

regards council spending what about the notice board that was put up. but it can not be used as they can not find the key? i would like to know how much this cost us? other waste of money as far as i can see money that could have been used for the firhall bridge.

Milly Ganson said...

It's a disgrace, I hope the day never comes to our councillors that they need a wheelchair and want the pleasure of going right round our river as so many of us enjoy. Shame on you all.