Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Politics - looking crate

Isla O'Reilly of the Scottish Green Party, one of several speakers outside the Courthouse yesterday morning
Yesterday the Nairn Yes Alliance had a range of speakers at a wee rally outside the Courthouse, there were short contributions from the Scottish Socialist Party, the Scottish Green Party, the SNP, Youth Alliance, Women for Independence and the Common Weal, Independent MSP John Finnie also took to the crate for a moment or two. 40 bags of donations to the local foodbank were collected from those attending and a local business also made a large cash donation that brought a simultaneous cash collection for the foodbank up to £120. Video of the speeches here (note sound and camera get sorted one minute into video).

Elsewhere, Labour’s Mike Robb has been round the doors in Nairn  Recently. The Tories Ed Mountain has noticed the fuel prices in Nairn and Danny Alexander apparently had a busy time at his regular surgery up at Sainsbury’s according to one of our regular readers.

The SNP are still selecting a candidate to stand against Danny and that process alone is playing out to packed hustings meetings across the Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey constituency and images have been published on line here of one of those meetings in Inverness. Undoubtedly politics will kick off to a flying start in this area early in January and will not slow down until 10.00 p.m. on May 7th. 


Graisg said...

thank you for that anon, point taken :-)

Anonymous said...

Politics of division to continue then, regardless of the result.

Anonymous said...

Great to see that folk continue to promote hope over fear. Scotland can and will become a better and a fairer wee country. The political future is bright in the hands of those like Isla.
So refreshing!
An alliance of all progressive parties will send Danny Alexander off to the House of Lords and a seat on a Merchant Bank. Westminster's man-child can complete his relocation.

Anonymous said...

The majority of our wee Scotland voted against independence and before anyone says anything else... we had made our own minds up way way before any politician made promises or not, comprenda :-)

Anonymous said...

3.34pm Anon
Unless you are Royalty, I presume you mean "you" rather than "we". I fully accept that not every "No" voter was influenced by all of the last-minute scurrying by Broon and the Westminster elite.
Every political pundit accepts that Broon's clunking fist convinced some that we were getting "home rule".

Anonymous said...

What irks me is that I would like to support some of these groups but whilst they're still pushing yes (as an alliance) post vote then I can't. Considering only 38% of the population who could vote yes did that leaves almost two thirds of the population (nos or abstains) feeling alienated. Like fervent religion the yes side feels robbed due to no campaigner promises and like any good religion ignores the bribes they offered of pots of gold in every house.

Anonymous said...

Good job we didn't go with Alex, he was telling us that we would be a wealthy country ..what with Scotland's oil.
Well that theory backfired big style. Our rewards would be half what he said. His white paper was relying a lot on oil.
Maybe things will turn around, and be good , but more likely to stay the way things are now, according to the experts.

oily said...

@ 3:43

As you've read the white paper you'll know that oil revenue was just a small part of the proposed budget for an independent Scotland. Reading around the media some oil companies are using the fall in oil prices as an excuse to slash wages to contractors or to offer them full time jobs (on less money)
If the industry was suddenly running at a huge loss the plug would be pulled overnight but it's not as everyone knows that the price of oil will rise again
What won't rise anytime soon is the prosperity of Scotland as nation, indeed under Westminster governments we are likely to become poorer and the recently announced council cuts are just the start
Had we voted for independence it wouldn't have happened for a couple of years and I pretty sure oil prices will have risen by then, it's a limited commodity so has an element of scarcity to it's value