Sunday, December 07, 2014

Riverside Christmas trees update

Murd reports that the intrepid riverside Carol singers that take a yearly seasonal hike to Cawdor were back at the left bank tree today and added a few bits and pieces and  then sung a carol or two.  

Murd apologises for the quality of the picture but the inclement conditions including lack of light made it difficult for our riverside correspondent. Murd adds that sadly a Santa has vanished again and a couple of baubles too but generally decorations on the tree have increased since last weekend.


Anonymous said...

Sorry,when we walked our dogs up the river today,we thought a lot of litter had blown on to the tree.The riverside has its own beauty,best left that way.

MURD said...

Ah well you know what they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
So we can't please every one. Even those in the minority.
P.S Noticed you did not tidy up the litter or it that what you were referring best left that way??


Anonymous said...

I agree,the tree is very,very,tacky. No selfies Murd!!!!!!

jock said...

Christ Murd you try and brighten up the riverside and you get criticised--not only that its by people who havent trhe bottle to put there name to it. jock

Anonymous said...

Ooh! ... some people getting right up therr ain erchies aboot somebody trying tae cheer up things @ Xmas ... get a life naesayers!!