Tuesday, December 02, 2014

"Bill Young...said now was not the time to sell Sandown" - Nairn Common Good features on Courier front page and in editorial

Land values of Sandown have now plunged even further. The Courier takes a look at the latest value on the front page and a hard heading editorial comments on the past history of the Sandown debacle and where that leaves Nairn Common Good in comparison with its asset rich Inverness counterpart. More in today's edition of the Inverness Courier.

Gurn suggestion, if land values have dropped so drastically in recent times, thus making it economically mad to sell, then how about another 50 or so plots or similar on Sandown? Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Prices will come back up, they always do. I think there s money to be made in the future, just watch that land that is given over for plots may become very difficult to get back, it s happened with the lease to farmer in the past.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the council should get someone else to value our land?