Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Nairn company to stop filming Highland League football - "final whistle blown on Highland League broadcasts"

Fans are busy on social media tonight  expressing their support for Ross MacLean and his SHFL TV company and commenting on the loss his service will be to the profile of the Highland League. An SHFLtv press release states:

"A Nairnshire company has blown the final whistle on an ambitious project to broadcast the Highland League globally due to conflict and a lack of support from Office Bearers.

Ross J Maclean founded SHFLtv two years ago where he was met with resounding applause from fans for bringing local football to the screens of ex pats living and working abroad.

He said: “It’s disappointing to announce that we will no longer be broadcasting the Highland League via SHFLtv. The plans and vision for this project, which fans, players, viewers and clubs have enthusiastically contributed to have repeatedly been met with obstacles from what is collectively known as the Office Bearers." More on the SHFLtv site here.