Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bandstands of Britain - a book starring Nairn's Wallace Bandstand

A recently published book features an image by local photographer Richard Gerring. The Book by Paul Rabbits is described by the author himself thus: 

"Bandstands of Britain is a historical celebration of one of the best-loved features still found in many of our parks, open spaces, squares and seaside towns. They are a reminder of a forgotten age of outdoor music and theatre, and act as a lingering memory of the class and sophistication that prevailed in the Victorian era. This book venerates the bandstands in Britain, showcasing the elaborate and iconic pieces of Victorian architecture with beautiful full-colour images, accompanied by a potted history of the evolution and decline of the British bandstand."  

Richard tells us that the foreward is particularly interesting and highlights the important role of manufacturers from Scotland in the fabrication and design  of bandstands that were sold across the world. Richard's image captures two moments in one, Nairn Cricket Club are playing at home and in the background inside the bandstand, local wedding photographer Ian Macrae is creating images with a bride and groom. 

Richard's image of Nairn Bandstand that features in the book Bandstands of Britain
Fans of Nairn Bandstand may wish to visit this flickr group page where several photographers have displayed their images of this iconic structure.  


Anonymous said...

Well done Richard, that`s a great photo!!

Anonymous said...

"Richard tells us that the foreward is particularly interesting"
Mmm - A ken yir furst tongue isnae Scots mon - Bit .....
Is that the Wee Coonty's "forward" that the boy is takkin aboot - or is it the "foreword" - at the beginnin o the cove's bookie?

Unknown said...

Hopefully we'll be able to add another dramatic photo when the Links becomes the arena for the World Orienteering Champs Sprint Relay on 1st August. I don't know the exact details of the arena layout but I suspect the Bandstand will feature prominently.

Anonymous said...

Who is the bride and groom at the band stand?

Graisg said...

will ask Ian MacRae next time we see him