Saturday, May 30, 2015

Festival Fringe events wanted for the Wooha Festival

The festival will run from September 8th to 13th (the week after the Nairn Book and Arts Festival). The festival directors are looking for anyone that fancies putting on a fringe show. You name it, put it on, match yourself up with a venue and they will promote it for you. There will be a number of core events at the centre of the festival programme and then an opportunity for any local talent to put on shows, displays or exhibitions etc for the festival fringe. Large or small, this is a chance for groups, businesses and individuals to step forward. 

If you have any ideas the Wooha Festival folk want to hear from you. Contact, Janet Reid at the Golf View; Heather MacDonald at the Wooha Brewery; Rosemary Young at Inveran Lodge; Mary Hemsworth at Hemsworth Images; Jonny Ross at the Classroom; Michael Green or Alister Asher at Ashers.

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