Monday, May 18, 2015

Rev Steve leaving Nairn this autumn

The Gurn understands from some of our regular unreliable sources that the Rev Steven Manders will be leaving Nairn for an Edinburgh parish in September. We'll have him for a wee while yet but already the plaudits have started out there in Facebook land. 


Anonymous said...

I do hope this is not true. He is everything a minister should be...and much more. The people of Nairn and the surrounding area will be the poorer without him. Perhaps he'll reconsider???????

Graisg said...

It is very true anon, just spoke to Rev Steve earlier this evening. We've got a few months to get used to the idea though.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it is 100% true as he announced it on Sunday after the service. He needs to go back to Morningside to be closer to his parents. His family must come first. He will be sorely missed by Nairnites as he is one of us, and a minister in a million. So thoughtful and caring for all the people of Nairn whether you went to church or not. Was a rock after my husband died and I cannot see his position being easy to fill.

Anonymous said...

Aww what very sad news. I am not religious but did attend a funeral he ministered over and i was extremely impressed at how well he did.
He is definitely one in a million and i do not think anyone will fill his shoes very easily.
Here was me thinking when i pop my clogs id like him to do the service.

Yes of course his family must come first. Best wishes to him.


Anonymous said...

God's calling sometimes takes our ministers to larger parishes

Mike said...

So disappointing but i understand his reasons for leaving.

He will be missed by Nairn and his congregation. His humour, down to earth attitude and ability to put life in context is Morningsides gain.

I know he will leave with peoples best wishes, appreciation for all he has done and a hope (however small) that he will one day return.

Anonymous said...

He is good at his Job, let him carry on with his JOB else where and let others have the benefit of his time and efforts.

God is not calling, he wants a change!

Anonymous said...

God's always calling me, day and night my moby rings