Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Independent candidate in Council byelection calls for amalgamation of Nairn's three Community Councils

Mairi MacGregor tells us in relation to the November Community Council Elections and the article we posted last night:

"My election material that has been posted on the Gurn concentrates on this very subject.

Our best hope to overcome the frustrations we feel as a community, is to empower your elected representatives on the Community Council to effectively fight their corner on our behalf.

To achieve that we need to unite our community so we can speak with one voice. The divide and rule policy that is imposed by three random lines on a map is working to our detriment and it needs to be overcome.

I have deliberately omitted a wish list of unfunded hoped for projects and initiatives, Nairn is big on these already, what we need is an effective delivery system so we can implement some of them.

By focusing my election material almost exclusively on this area what I hope to achieve is a strong electoral mandate to gather support to implement the proposal to unite the Nairn Community Councils.

Using the evidence of the mandate for support, if further public consultation and debate is required then let’s do it before November so it can be implemented then.

Whilst I may be politically independent I will not be alone.

I would encourage the Community Councils to support me and I expect the other Independent minds on Highland Council would also support me. It is a little cost option and strengthening their communities will also be on their agenda. We are not demanding resources, we just want to be heard.

 I would have no difficulty in reciprocating to help make the Highlands a better place to live, work and enjoy and that does not conflict with putting Nairn and its people first."