Monday, May 25, 2015

Nairn Academy Dress code review published but opposition is expressed via online petition

Nairn Academy's Dress Review findings have been published on the School's website.

Nairn Academy states: "Our dress code was in need of review following feedback from the school community (pupils, parents and staff). We have not formally revised the dress code in the last 6/7 years so the timing was right to consider what is going well and what needs to improve? The focus was still very much on having a dress code/uniform which provides a strong identity with the school, promotes a positive work ethic and encourages equality rather than brands/labels." 

The school then goes on to state how the review was carried out. The outcome of the review is given thus:
"S1-S3 blue sweatshirt and poloshirt th black trousers /skirt (or tartan skirt)

S4-S6 shirt/blouse and tartan tie with black trousers/skirt ( or tartan skirt). Plain black jumper,cardigan plus a school black zip top will be available. Some seniors have asked about a blazer. This is optional.

Shirt/tie option is also available to any S1-S3 pupil if they wish. We will also support a period of transition where pupils can wear current dress code items."

The background to the review can be read on this Academy page here. 

There seems to be a degree of opposition to the results and the methodology used however which has led to a petition being created entitled "Ask every pupil how they want the dress code changed" on the site which has attracted over sixty signatures since its launch four days ago. The petition page is here.