Saturday, May 30, 2015

LibDem coup at Highland Council?

It is hardly gripping the public's attention but the Lib Dems have walked out of the tri-party administration that was the ruling group on Highland Council and are trying to form an administration themselves by wooing Independent help. 

A lot of Councillors will be spending a wet weekend on the phones as, no doubt, the SNP will be canvassing some of the Indies as well. After the election in 2012 the formation of the SNP led administration with Labour and LibDem support came as a bit of the shock and locked the Indies out of office for the first time since the Council's formation. Logic would suggest a LibDem and Indy administration by Monday morning but are the Indies cohesive enough to deliver? What will the Labour group do - jump ship with the LibDems or keep them at bargepole distance? Could there be another surprise on the cards? 

The Highlands waits nervously for news? Mmmm perhaps not but maybe we should pay more attention to this low level political intrigue in these times of austerity as the shape and scale of the services we receive from our local Council may change beyond recognition in the coming years.  

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