Thursday, January 28, 2016

Flagging up a bit of a blether

Our previous article "We've got the Nairnshire Committee back - now how about following Caithness and having a flag for Nairnshire?" flagged up a comment or two both here on the Gurn and over at Nairn Rocks and even at the Balblair Banter page - yellow and black a good option to include perhaps :-) One suggestion to that there was a flag once used by one of the previous Councils before Nairn District Council. Then there was an enigmatic comment from Spurtle:

"It's already a work in progress..... but can't say too much yet. Cogs are turning :)." Sounds good Spurtle, spill the beans - Do you mean a competition open to all? That would be the best way. Anyway our congratulations sent up north via twitter got the following responses.

So there we go citizens, Spurtle has proved to be well-informed in the past. There could be something brewing and we also have an offer of expert help.

UPDATE Friday 8.12: Stephen Fuller and Liz MacDonald looking to take this idea forward to area committee.


Whilst Rome burns said...

Will the new flag be flown at half mast in honour of all the town has lost (or is about to) in the cuts?

Anonymous said...

Boring negativity at 9.37
Nairn Rocks!! - although it will rock more if the moaners stop gurning!
Our glass is much more than half full compared to anywhere else IMHO.

Graisg said...

Yeah there are probs, Rome might be burning and we might have to put a lot of it out ourselves and even rebuild but that doesn't mean we shouldn't indulge in anything useful in the meantime.
Let's take more control and make our community what we want it to be (it's already an astonishing, beautiful place by the way) but we can improve and we can face the tough s*** together too. Let's rock!

Anonymous said...

and how much will this cost in terms of councillers meetings to approve this,no doubt they will spin it out to claim more expenses,then there will be how many hundreds of pounds spent on it,a complete waste of our hard earned money spent

Graisg said...

They get a set wage Anon and no one needs expenses for meetings held in Nairn. If a few hundred pounds gets spent on approving a flag then fine by me, the interest that would engender in bairns that would come up with designs and others in a competition that might be open worldwide would satisfy me.

But beyond that it could pay dividends in the long run by giving a distinct identity to Nairnshire that could be used as a branding tool for tourism and food and other products Nairnshire produces. I remember the first time I saw the new Northumberland Flag it was striking and it let you know that you were somewhere that thought itself a bit different and willing to push the civic pride boat out that bit further and create a flag for their County.
Maybe we should all dare to dream a bit more as a community and just get on with it sometimes?

Anonymous said...

Was there not some sort of Nairn Flag in the past with St Ninian in the middle of it?

Just more nonsense where time could be better spent.