Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rebellion in Fort William as Community Council passes a vote of no confidence in Highland Council

The Lochaber News reads:

“FORT William Community Council ceased to exist this week when all eight members resigned at the same time.

Last month the council passed a vote of no confidence in Highland Council claiming it ignored the needs and aspirations of local people.

And, at their meeting on Tuesday evening, members decided there was no point in going on.”

They do intend to set up a group called “Fort William First” however. More details here. 

Nairn has often felt neglected too. Could it get that bad here or are we on the cusp of a brand new dawn with the new Nairnshire committee and the other initiatives that are underway? See the articles posted on the NICE website this week.


Anonymous said...

Nairn should do the same,and why have the empty houses across from police station not been sold,or used again,there is a housing shortage,and these properties have been empty for over 20 years,a bloody scandal.
(Cuthbert sayernee)

Anonymous said...

What a disaster! No community councils! What on earth will fill the pages of FortGurn and The Fortshire Telegraph? I'm sure that without their "Community Watchdogs" we shall soon read about a superquarry on Ben Nevis and a terrible block of social housing. If Doogie were here boy, he'd tell you they're doomed, doomed.
c/o Vital Spark
Nairn Marina