Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jackos manager Craig Walker reports positive meeting with councillors that offers hope for local Welfare League teams

On Sunday evening we reported on the fact that local welfare league teams are having to play home games outside Nairn given an unfortunate set of circumstances that have built up recently. That article and subsequent comments detailing the appaling facilities facing local sides here.  Since then it seems Cllrs Stephen Fuller, Liz MacDonald and Michael Green have been quick to respond to the concerns expressed. 

Tonight an optimistic Craig reports:

"Today myself and Fergus Gordon who is the Chairman of the (FNDWA) Forres and Nairn District Welfare Association met with Councillors Liz Macdonald and Stephen Fuller to discuss the issues in the article above and I'm happy to say they both came up with some positive short term proposals.

Riverside is out of action due to the goals being in the same position for over 5 years now and the pitch just getting no time to rest so the goal mouths are a safety hazard to put it mildly. Liz is going to inspect the changing rooms and the pitch with grounds manager George Blackwell tomorrow morning 13th January. Hopefully in the not to distant future the toilets, after 2 years will be working and the showers will be active and warm after well over 5 years of not working. Hopefully the extension of small posts around the pitch will be installed and will stop cars driving onto the pitch and doing rally type skids thus wrecking the park for others. Liz will also confirm if Riverside Pitch is ok for playing on with immediate effect. Fingers crossed!! 

In regards to the academy facility this should be made more community friendly with the new management that will be implemented shortly. The current grass pitches are a state but  I'm assured they will be repaired soon Hopefully we will see progress here soon and the see the FNDWA having easier access along with other community groups and clubs.

I also had a cracking conversation with Councillor Michael Green about the same issue above. Michael is very passionate about local football and is keen to see Nairn welfare teams flourish. Michael, along with Liz and Stephen suggested applying for the Nairn Ward Discretionary fund. He did mention another part of this but I forget the word he used so apologies. Basically Jackos and the FNDWA have the opportunity to apply for funding from £200 up to £2000 that should help our cause to help renovate Riverside changing rooms and bring the pitch back to a standard that's playable. This would be a fantastic shot in the arm for Nairn grass roots football. 

Again, I ask you to cast your mind back. You're walking past an open space of grass and its full of young boys playing football till it got dark and you had to be in when the lights came on. Its a sight that's dying off and you don't see to much of it these days but its not completely dead. Lets at least give these kids the opportunity to do it and not provide them the excuse not to."

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Anonymous said...

About time something is done here the state of the pitch and facilities are ridiculous and it wont be long before someone gets seriously injured. How about the council remove the goals at the end of the season and re turf the goal areas and possibly install a small goal nearer to the play area for the kids to use. ALso how about utilising moveable goalposts that the teams put up and take down again saving the pitch inbetween matches and also alowing you to possibly move the pitch slightly.
A few simple thing could make a huge difference