Friday, January 08, 2016

Sports club submit planning application for erection of extension, store and internal alteration

The popular club state on their supporting application:

"Nairn Sports Club is highly successful community facility. The club was founded in the 1970s and has grown organically over a number of years. Membership is currently 950 members however the club is open to non-members. 
This proposal seeks to continue this growth by adding a modest extension to the club, along with internal alterations. The principal aim is to add approximately 90 sqm. of new gym space to the club. This would allow current gym equipment to be spread out in a safer and more suitable manner, and will give spacial difference between cardiovascular and weight lifting activities. 

A series of internal alterations are proposed to enhance the current changing facilities and provide a more efficient layout. A store is proposed to be added to the existing sports hall to store equipment. 

The planning authority will be aware of a previous application to extend the club that was granted in 2013. The club have been unsuccessful in attracting the level of funding that would have been required to realise that proposal. Therefore, the club has sought to come up with an alternative strategy on a more modest budget."

Gurnites can see the plans and further information here on the Highland Council's e-planning site. 

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