Thursday, January 07, 2016

Lochloy Road lights out but traffic still moving - video

Some sort of calamity befell one of the traffic light polls last night some time according to one of our regular readers. Below is a video taken at around 11.30 a.m. at the Lochloy junction. Everything is moving fine. How was it for any gurnites who live down that way and had to come out during the peak morning period however?


Anonymous said...

Lights pole was crushed down before 2.30pm yesterday. Bear were in attendance with flashy lights on van but that was it. The lights were still operating then around the poles but on return they had been turned off but no signs out.

Anonymous said...

mini roundabout time methinks

Jim said...

Regrettably big trucks with trailers can't get around mini roundabouts on a restricted site, they have to go over the top if they are changing direction at the junction.

Should there be a cyclist on the island at the same time, it becomes a matter of luck if they survive.

Perhaps narook would be willing to demonstrate how to do it on his bike?

bigholly said...

This junction works better when the lights are out!! Can we not get a pelican crossing put in or peak time lights?