Monday, January 04, 2016

Monday Morning Miscellany - 2016 will it be an electrifying one for Nairn?

The CLIC Sargent New Year’s Day Dip (video here)  was a fantastic success as an event that drew in a huge crowd as the brave dippers entered the chilly waters down on the beach below the Golf View and as a fund raiser for charity it was also a fantastic accomplishment; Nairn Rotary are reporting that an estimated £10,000 was raised by the CLIC Sargent charity although the exact total is still to be confirmed, more here on the Nairn Rotary Facebook page.

Dr Grigor has sent New Year Greetings to the Gurn, he tells us: 

“A happy new year to the team at 'the Gurn' for keeping us Nairnites at home and abroad up to date with all the very latest happenings and goings on in Nairn, we appreciate all the background research and work you put into what is always an interesting read , so keep up the good work and we look forward to another year in 'Gurnshire' all the best from ' the Doc '.”

Thanks Doc much appreciated.

Local Musician Toby Michaels has launched a Facebook page “Nairn needs music”. It was born out of social media conversations over the weekend about music venues in Nairn and has the support of local Councillor Stephen Fuller. There was quite a bit of conversation too about the need for a venue for gigs for the under 18s. The page states: 
“This page is dedicated to discussing and eventually implementing the creation and running of a dedicated Music venue in Nairn.”

Gurnites can browse the page here.

Going electric in 2016? Anyone got a vehicle that could do with a quick top up from this machine pictured on the right that has been newly installed in one of the town centre car parks?

That's all for now folks have a good first day back at work if that is what you are up to today. Coming soon a flashback to 2008 and an article by Iain Fairweather published on the Gurn back then entitled "Can we have our town back please?"  In the intervening years has Nairn made any progress in getting a better say for itself? More later. 


Graisg said...

Re Salaries anon, if you can show the figure via a link etc then we will be happy to post your comment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sure, happy to provide the link....

Charities Commission website, 2014 - 2015 Clic Sargent Annual Report and Accounts, see page 52:

Graisg said...

And this was anonymous's original comment minus last sentence: "£10,000 pounds raised for CLIC Sargent - well done, a tremendous effort!! That amount should cover the amount paid to the CEO of the 'charity' for one month's work.".

faith and hope said...

That CLIC Sargent Annual Report (accessible via the link) is an eye-opener. Total income in 2015: just over £25 million. Total amount available for disbursement to charitable purposes: just over £13 million. So approximately half of the funds each year are spent simply on the 'overheads' of running the organisation, paying its staff and operating its offices.

Not a lot of people know - or will have realised - that.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that approx 50% is a fairly standard proportion for the allocation of charity donations.

Graisg said...

Would think so too Anon, obviously charities have to put out a lot of cash to bring more in and it must be competitive out there too. See that they have pensions to pay too - wonder if that will become more and more of a burden to charities just as it is in the public sector.

Anonymous said...

Charities are having to spend more in order to get our donations and therefore seem to need to employ skilled but more expensive staff

I'm sure many Nairnites will be aware of the charities at the door of the King St co-op in 2015 (and before) and also the increasing number chapping on your door, no longer wanting a few coins in their collection box but for you to sign up to a monthly standing order with the collectors being employed rather than the volunteers we used to see

I have my chosen charities so I'm not keen on the constant pressure to give but appreciate many charities are struggling in this political climate driven by the Westminster government and many are having to help more people because of this

Another sad fact is that they are in effect competing against each other for a limited pot of money and are therefore spending more in order to try and attain it