Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Nairn Central "There are approximately 350 residential properties and 30 non-residential properties at risk of flooding" more SEPA information

Yesterday we published some information from SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) flood risk management documents for Nairn East and Auldearn and also a link to a document for Nairn West and Ardersier, you can find that article here.  Those documents detail the risks for those areas, and there are some quite considerable ones as these images here from August 2014 illustrate, but the biggest danger facing Nairn from flooding is highlighted in SEPA's document for Nairn Central, see the graphic below. 

A pie-chart from the SEPA Nairn Central Flood Risk Management document
 One of our readers left a comment on that previous article, here's a part of it:

"In the SEPA document for each vulnerable area, there is a task-heading "Flood Protection Study", and an entry showing responsibility for delivery of the study. Highland Council in each case. Nairn Central is Priority 2 out of 23 for Highland Council, Nairn East & Auldearn 6 of 23, and Nairn West & Ardersier 20 of 23.
And how is the Council progressing with this work - especially Nairn Central (which includes Fishertown) and is the second-highest priority flood-study needed in the region? Umm - it's shown as "Not Started", and has an indicative delivery date of 2016-2021. That's just for the study, not for any protection/prevention measures." More of that comment received displayed on previous article here. 

To put it in SEPA's own words: "A study is required to focus on direct defences to provide protection from river and coastal flooding. Other actions may also be considered in order to develop the most sustainable range of options."

To see maps, statistics, historical information and actions SEPA deem necessary for Nairn Central please read this document here.

To illustrate the very real danger here are a few Gurn pictues of a high tide on the 5th of December 2013 when water strarted rising on lower Harbour Street. 

Time for our councillors to get this study in motion (it is priority 2 out of 23 after all) to enable speedy subsequent follow-up action to protect the Fishertown?

Video from 15th December 2012


Water shed said...

The scenes of flooding from around the country in recent years have been horrendous. Flooding in neighbouring Forres and Inverness have been addressed, why not Nairn? From what the Gurn has said we've not even been properly assessed. The risks are known so surely this is negligence on behalf of the council. A shocking state of affairs, I hope people sue if they're ever flooded

Joe Telfer said...

With obvious Climate change, it's all down to luck as to when Nairn gets it's turn for flooding. Maybe the Answer lies in the construction of a breakwater as part of the fishertown defences. This could also act as an outer harbour / marina and boost Nairn's tourism all at the same time. Perhaps River community council should persuade Highland council to start investing some of the common good fund in such a scheme ?

Anonymous said...

Looking at the agenda for the River CC tonight I'm amazed that this item isn't at the top of it, it's not even on it, why not? Are our community councils that ineffectual that they don't even bother with really important issues in their communities

Graisg said...

AOCB anon, why not pop down and raise it? This info only really came about into the Gurnshire public domain a day or two ago thanks to one of our readers.

Anonymous said...

Work stops me popping down, but surely the CC has enough brains to pick up on this issue even if its just 1 -2 hours old?

Graisg said...

Might just happen if enough of my grey matter is working tonight. The Gurnmeister is a member lol

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot you were a councillor Graisg. Just makes me cross to read the report and think about how the Maggot was filled in and by doing so that made the fishertown the flood plain for the river. To make it worse we now have to wait years for a report let alone any action. Just seems to typify so much about our council