Thursday, December 01, 2016

Join the Gurn Highland Council election think tank - your views and expertise needed!

The sound and the fury of the May 2017 elections has just about begun. Our four existing Highland Councillors will probably be standing for re-election - none of them have indicated that they wish to stand down anyway. LibDem Ritchie Cunningham recently threw his hat in the ring too by way of a letter to the Nairnshire. Others will no doubt emerge to compete for a seat on a council that is facing a cuts apocalypse - whoever we chose they will really have to fight for Nairn to make sure we don't get stuffed with more than our fair share of cuts. 

Here at the Gurn we hope to analyse all the statements and leaflets the candidates put out up to polling day once things seriously kick off in the new year. If you have specialist knowledge on any of the issues affecting Nairn that the candidates will (or will not) be talking about then share it with your fellow voters via the Gurn. 

We simply wish to help the voters make an informed choice by presenting views and information. We would also like to see the 48% turnout in Nairnshire last time round smashed and Nairn Ward 19 put at the top of the turnout league. The candidates have got a role to play here - apparently a popular refrain on the doorsteps in the recent Highland Council byelection in Ardersier was "they are all the same" - please prove this perception wrong dear candidates when the time comes. More on this initiative when the door opens on 2017. Let's help people make the best decision for our community when it comes to going to the ballot box next May. 


X said...

Could I just be the first to say of our Nairn candidates (our current 4 councillors) 'they're all the same', ineffectual and seem to do little in terms of fighting Nairn's corner within Highland Council

As for a record turnout to vote I reckon it'll be more like an all time low in terms of voter engagement. I and some other folk I know might wander out to spoil our ballot papers but not to vote for anyone, that's how bad local politics is in Nairn

Anonymous said...

SNP 1 and 2
Anything else is a bitty wasted ......