Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Work Continues on Reviewing Nairn Traffic Signals

A recent meeting between local community groups and Transport Scotland has continued to explore the traffic signals in Nairn along the A96 trunk road. The meeting on 24 November was the latest as part of the “Nairn Community Focus Group” which includes representatives from each of the Nairn community councils, the Nairn Access Panel and the Association of Nairn Businesses, alongside Transport Scotland, Police Scotland and councillors and officials from The Highland Council.

The group first met in late 2015 to review options which the community wanted to explore on the number and operation of the signals throughout the town. This work has focussed on the A96 junctions with Leopold Street, Albert Street, Seabank Road and the Manse Road/Waverley Road crossroads.

Jonny Moran, Transport Scotland’s Operating Company Manager said “These meetings have given us the opportunity to work with local parties and to explore a range matters from the community groups in Nairn. We are undertaking some modelling of the traffic signals on the Group’s suggestions and we will meet again in the New Year to present and discuss the findings.”


Anonymous said...

Lets hope they also will take into consideration the Danger that exists on the Station Brae. And come up with A solution to remove the the danger to all users.

Anonymous said...

This group is purely about the A 96 Trunk Road which is the responsibility of Transport Scotland/BEAR.

You are correct to cite the Station Brae and it's dangers but that is under the jurisdiction of Highland Council. So best to keep emailing your local Councillors, Fergus Ewing and Drew Hendry re that one.