Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Nairnshire Committee confirms local priorities

Members of the Nairnshire Committee have drawn up and agreed a set of strategic council priorities for the area to ensure that local needs and issues are taken into account by the Council as a whole.

The priorities are listed under a number of headings that include Economic Development and Prosperity, Broadband and Connectivity, Transport and Infrastructure, Housing Development, Health and Social Care, Education and Partnership Working.

At today's (Wednesday 7 December) Nairnshire Committee, members had the chance to discuss the list of priorities and confirm their commitment to working in partnership with others to improve the health and well-being of local people.Chair of the Committee, Councillor Michael Green said: “Building on the localism agenda and the increased delegation of decision-making to local communities has given us the perfect opportunity as councillors to consider local priorities.

“The list of strategic Council priorities we now have reflects the wide diversity of our area and sets out our ambitions to make the Nairn area an attractive place to live, learn, work and visit. This is very much a starting point and a working document which will be regularly reviewed and updated. Its giving an ongoing commitment to ensure our area is growing and sustainable. We’re all determination to see the priorities we have agreed delivered and having them will help us focus our future work.”

Details of the priorities are:

Economic Development and Prosperity
• Create a blueprint for Nairnshire for economic development and regeneration with key targets and timelines including:
- Delivering on Town Centre and High Street regeneration
- Supporting development of a Business Improvement District (BID) for Nairn
- Delivery and implementation of a tourism action plan
- Regeneration of the harbour area through creation of a development strategy
- Support for a new Business Park
- Further development of commercial units
- Support for development of local employment and training opportunities

• Work to maximise the benefits of the Inverness City and Region deal for Nairnshire Broadband and Connectivity
• Ensure delivery of next generation Broadband to all areas of Nairnshire
• Lobby to ensure that mobile phone providers bring minimum 4G to all areas of Nairnshire
• Support development of Nairn as a Wi-Fi town Community / Localism
• Continue to strengthen the Nairnshire Committee through development of the localism agenda
• Working with partners and the community, support the development of an effective Nairnshire Community Partnership to achieve effective Community Planning and address inequalities through partnership working
• Continue to proactively and effectively manage the Nairn Common Good Fund and seek opportunities to maximise the Fund to benefit the local community
• Continue to support participatory and other local budgeting initiatives to empower wider community participation in decision making

Transport and Infrastructure
• Support rapid development and delivery of the A96 Bypass
• Capitalise on strengthening connectivity as a result of dualling of the A96 including:
- progressing integrated transport initiatives
- improving rail commuter services both in and out of Nairn
- improving links to the airport
- improved walking and cycling routes

• Deliver a connected Coastal paths network through capitalising on opportunities presented by A96 dualling working with Transport Scotland and other partners to achieve this
• Continue to lobby and work toward improving the bathing water quality to achieve top status for Nairn’s beaches
• Also address fundamental water and sewerage infrastructure issues
• Continue well established partnership working on key transport and infrastructure projects with community representation

Housing Development
• Focus on development of key sites in Nairnshire to deliver the housing needs of our community
• Provision of affordable housing and increase the range of affordable rented accommodation

Health and Social Care
• Support the maximisation of key hospital services at the Nairn Town and County Hospital as the main hub for delivery of health services for the Nairn Community
• Ensure patient transport services meet patient and family needs
• Protect NHS Healthcare provision for Nairnshire
• Protect quality local care provision and access to care at home services

• Seek opportunities to develop further and higher education provision in Nairn with UHI, Inverness College and Moray College
• Explore local Campus development
• Seek solutions to reducing the attainment gap
• Ensure education estate provision is fit for purpose
• Skills and employability in a Ward context to offer choice to younger people

Partnership Working
• Work with partner organisations to create a dynamic change agenda for Nairnshire

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MURD said...

Transport and Infrastructure
No mention of the danger that exists on the Station Brae at numerous C.C.meetings it was said it was A priority. Now it does not even get mentioned about removing the danger to all users .
AT THE LAST C.C. meeting when I said some one would get killed with what is there and requires to be attended to. Only to be told by A Highland Councilor MURD people get killed on the roads everyday. By the same man who said it was priority, But it would seem the only priority was to stop Nairn South and the developer to improve the BRAE.