Thursday, December 15, 2016

Local company helps Green Hive volunteers clean up Viewfield leaves

Plenty of action in Viewflield yesterday

More images here

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green fingers said...

Astonishing, and commendable.

And yet....... I'm torn between offering warm praise to Robbie and his colleagues for offering their time, labour and equipment not just "free" but at some cost to themselves, and despair that this basic public amenity service is not being delivered by the organisation (Highland Council) to whom we all pay substantial rates for precisely this kind of work.

It is a sad reflection on the Council's skewed sense of priorities that they are having to rely on the public-spiritedness and goodwill of local firms and volunteers to take on tasks formerly done by front-line employees whom they have made redundant. Meanwhile the Council HQ is still stuffed with Directors, managers and other officials on substantial salaries who spend most of their time writing reports to each other and sitting in meetings to explain why they haven't got the resources to deliver the services that local authorities are supposed to provide.