Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Local MP Drew Hendry has new page on website dedicated to STS oil transfers in the Moray Firth - he wants your views for a survey too

Drew's page complete with survey is here. 


Anonymous said...

The letter to Chris Grayling is nothing more than a political manoeuvre by the SNP. Nowhere does It request intervention by the UK Government to stop the application. Mr Hendry has cleverly contrived a situation whereby he hasn't put a strong representation to the UK Government to stop this happening, but has given the SNP ammunition against the UK Government if the application goes ahead and the power is not devolved. "We asked for the power to decide, we didn't get it, its not our fault if there is an incident". I would assume that he is pretty sure that the power will not be devolved, otherwise he might end up in a situation where the SNP are actually responsible for something that might go ahead against the wishes of his constituents. Far better to engage with the UK Government in a joint discussion rather than turn the issue into a request for more power to Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Wow Mr Anon
Cynical or Paranoid or??
I recommend a wee lie down with closed curtains.
I've heard that there is a fever doing the rounds - a variation on ManFlu, called YoonyFlu.
Chillax dude

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Hendry. My concern is that the issue of ship to ship transfers becomes yet another political football where those who have environmental concerns about the process are labelled as Nats and those who are minded to allow these transfers with the best safety in place are branded as Yoons. The 500 people who showed their concern deserve better than this. Do not hold the dolphins to hostage for the SNP's ambitions.