Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ship to ship oil transfers in the Moray Firth - staying informed - what the media say - Cromarty Rising research group latest

Cromarty Rising state on their latest post:

"We’ve had some great media coverage over past couple of days – the BBC, STV, The Herald and the MFR and P&J to name a few. We’d encourage you all to write to these publications (and others) to keep the issue in the media. However its time to straighten out some inaccuracies that are circulating:"

They have a point or two to make with local media - find out more here. 

Quite a few videos on the Gurn youtube channel on the STS topic now - find them and more on other issues here. 


Anonymous said...

Of course we want the highest of safety standards enforced in any proposed transfers but I cannot support total opposition. How is Scotland going to make its living if we oppose every industrial process that we don't like. Figures show that Scotland's growth is below that of the rest of the UK. Little wonder when we are actively discouraging business. Ironically an oil business in this case.

Graisg said...

Highest standards are enforced at the jetty in Invergordon. That's where it needs to stay and the jobs of the workers there that know what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

fed up with all the coverage this ship to ship oil transfer that is going on.its all over gurn site,facebook,and local papers including national press.
whats wrong with a wee bit of spilt oil or a few dead fish or dolphins etc,
im sure lots will survive,
the bleating would soon stop if there was no oil for heating or for cars etc.
they would all be saying ,,oh we need oil for all that.
(oily ali)

Anonymous said...

Nobody likes to see jobs being lost, Graisg. But I know from my own experience in industry that choosing to work less efficiently never saved a single one.

Graisg said...

Dolphins create a lot of jobs too :-)

Anonymous said...

Aye, there's the Dolphin chippie for one :-)

D.Ross said...

To both the above posters.

Doesn't matter how high the safety standards are where making money is concerned people will usually choose the easy option.

Case in point is the Cruise liners, deliberately & illegally dump waste because it costs too much to off load via a barge.

This is the post on the court case here:-


You will note that it is the Caribbean Princess which sailed from Invergordon when it committed this offence. It has visited Invergordon 10 times this year!

Post & info on Cromarty Rising here:-

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11.15am: I am speecheless at your crass comments to the wildlife around our stunning coast!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, current, factual example from D.Ross of what goes on with these vessels when they think they can get away with things.

Anonymous said...

Carnival Cruise Lines have been deliberately polluting the sea but there are no demonstrations or lobbying to bar their ships from the Cromarty Firth. The ship to ship transfers is all about Ross-shire jobs and we shouldn't kid ourselves that it is an environmental issue.

Jobbie said...

@Anon 3:58 PM

500+ people were on Nairn beach to protest last Sunday, I didn't see one poster regarding Ross-shire jobs, and all the folk I spoke with were concerned about the environment. Maybe @Anon 3:58 PM you could provide us all with more information re 'all about Ross-shire jobs and we shouldn't kid ourselves that it is an environmental issue'

Look forward to reading you reply

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3.58
Nobody in the Invergordon area is going to complain about the cruise ships visiting as they don't want to lose the big tipping Americans. Bugger the dolphins. They don't put food on the table :-(

Joe Telfer said...

It could be argued that if the worst ever happened in the Cromarty firth, it could at least be contained easier before ever reaching the Moray Firth and open sea.
Some things are worth a lot more than money, the health of the environment, the happiness and well- being of everyone. The revenue generated by ship to ship transfers is peanuts compared to the value of our wildlife, tourism and environment.
There will be plenty of bleating when 4 or 5 tankers are sitting out there, engines droning away 24/7 and the constant smell of diesel fumes over the town, a real delight when walking along the seafront !

Graisg said...

Anon @3.58 who wouldn't want boat loads of visitors? And I don't think it is bugger th e Dolphins in Ross-shire - they bring in a lot of money, just look at the line up of photographers at Chanonary Point any day in summer.

Anonymous said...

How many Ross-shire jobs will be created or sustained by the ship-2-ship transfers? I can't see it being many, although I'd be interested to find out.

dr-grigor said...

How in any shape or form will all this benefit Nairn as a seaside resort?