Saturday, May 19, 2018

After a 2 year cygnet drought, Duke and Penny have hatched 7 cygnets


Anonymous said...

These are wild birds, please don't give them human names

Anonymous said...

OK, Would Wild bird Penny and Wild Duke suit you ?... or maybe you should get a life.

dr-grigor said...

Animals in Zoos have names and they are still wild animals. So what's the difference. A pretty petty remark !

Anonymous said...

@ dr-grigor

No it's a poignant remark. The wild water birds on the river have been tamed and some given names. They no longer feed naturally.

Guidance by various organisations suggests that such birds should only be fed in severe winter conditions, not all the year round

There has been an attempt to land grab the area and make it some some of nature reserve thankfully rejected. In effect it's almost like a zoo.

There are unnatural numbers of ducks that leads to all sorts of issues for the poor birds, everything from attracting a large amount of predators to the females wandering far from the river to try and find suitable nesting sites

It's a contentious issue that unfortunately divides our community

Graisg said...

And there I think we will leave it folks. We've had comment on ducks and swans subject many times before and no need to do it again.