Thursday, May 17, 2018

"Highland Council was on the brink of chaos last night after as many as five members threatened to resign from the independent group over parking charges."

According to the Press and Journal:

"The four are Margaret Paterson, Carolyn Wilson, Donnie Mackay and Mike Finlayson. A fifth councillor could not be contacted for comment."

Interestingly Laurie can be seen in last week's Highland Council webcast saying that he fully supported Margaret. 

Last night at the River CC meeting Tom Heggie and Laurie were not giving away too much but they were obviously concerned by the attitude of their Council administration and I get the impression that there is quite a bit of friction behind the scenes. We'll give a report on last nights River CC meeting when time permits but in the meantime head over to the P&J for more on parking issues. 


Noisy Parker said...

Well well, how about that!

Four - or maybe five - Independent Councillors prepared to speak up for their communities and reflect the interests of those who elected them, to the point of being prepared to resign over the issue of parking charges. It's good to see some integrity and some principles on display. Two from Cromarty (representatives from Alness and Evanton), one from Dingwall, and one forthright member from Thurso/Caithness, plus one unnamed other.

And no Councillors from Nairn willing to take a similar stand. Laurie Fraser's proposal that Nairn should take over its entire local-government budget was as irrelevant as it was unrealistic. On the specific issue of parking charges our Independent Councillors seem to be as silent as they are spineless.

If the Nairn councillors had liaised effectively with their colleagues in Dingwall, Alness and elsewhere when it mattered before the budget debate (as they were urged to do), this whole shambles could, and should, have been avoided.

Anonymous said...

If Nairn’s so called ‘independent’ councilers had any honour or sense of “community” they would join in.

Anonymous said...

Noisy is spot on. A bunch of so-called Independents would have found an Alliance in the SNP and voted down this ridiculous imposition of parking charges in town centres that are already finding retail to be challenging.

Unknown said...

There is an article on the on line Inverness Courier today about 3 Councillors being "furious" at receiving parking tickets at their HQ .... oh dear

Graisg said...

The arrogance or stupidity shown in that article is staggering David. Think it needs a bit more of a mention.