Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Contirbuted: Iright gurns again - Highland Council and recycling plus the council tax bills

iright tells it like it his folks: here's his gurns for today!
Highland council have offered to swap out householders conventional light bulbs to energy saving ones but only on one Tuesday during late morning/early afternoon. Not fair for the majority of the working populous, plus would it not be greener for folk to let their old light bulbs die (energy, materials taken to make them)? And does each household need a leaflet. Why not put items on-line, save paper, and give folk a reduction in the following...
Council tax forms fell through our letter boxes with a heavy thud into our cheque books this week. If you have moved house recently your banding in a similar type property to your neighbours could be very much higher. Is this fair?
A recycle box arrived today from Highland Council. It is for paper and tins - great. But where am I going to keep it? If I leave it on the street like the wheelie it is sure to disappear. What if I am not up to shifting it (it has no wheels). Is it itself made from recycled materials?

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