Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The last of Nairn Democracy to Evaporate?

An Aberdeen based daily ‘wood-media’ outlet reports that the Highland Council are likely to slim down the number of administrative areas down from 8 to 5. As a result of recommendations from the Boundaries Commission there could be a lot of shifting of boundariesJ So any bets on how long Nairn lasts as an administrative centre? Is it time to start a Nairn Freedom Party to free us from the Highland Council, or maybe we do need one Community Council for the town that can speak up for the population and fight for Nairn. Highland Council is supposed to be here to help us, is it now just to big to be able to offer satisfaction to any of the component parts at all?

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Nairn said...

Many folk in Nairn think we get a pretty poor deal compared to Inverness as it is. Maybe we could auction Nairn between Highland and Morray councils, after all, it was not so long ago that Nairn was in Morray! Did we get a better deal then? Highland council seems Inverness centric, and there have been many calls before now to shift more monies outwith Inverness. At the moment Inverness seems the money pot, witness all the new development. Business parks with companies in them, not the empty spaces which remain unfilled in many other town's industrial parks. Golpsie comes to mind as being especially pathetic. After months of development of its new business park it has attracted just one company.
It feels as though the council has decided that Nairn should be one big retirement home rather than offer anything to its other residents. Those wanting more should head to... you've guessed it Inverness.