Sunday, March 06, 2005

Take it or leave it (twice or three times removed) or sling your hook!

Customers were quite thin on the ground today in Nairn’s permier food-store and I must say the staff of this blog have seen it a lot busier mid-way through a Sunday afternoon. Are yet more Nairnites voting with their tyre rubber and heading out on the Highway for Tesco in Forres or Inverness. Are the population dissatisfied with the new regime or have they been satisfied with any of the regimes. To be fair Somerfield don’t seem to have less lines than the previous owners and they are still supplementing this choice with numerous left-overs from the Morrison days but do they need to try and earn a bob or two by punting ‘Safeway’ frozen peas? Hopefully nothing is left over from the Presto and Templeton days lurking in the depths of the freezers.

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Nairn said...

The lure of cheaper prices and more choice will negate the cost of travelling to Forres or Inverness for many car owning folk in Nairn. We live in a everything now culture, and also one whereby for many people shopping is a major leisure pursuit. Retail therapy... Somerfield if you have the choice just doen't cut it, and the good old Co-opie also has it's prices undercut by it's larger sister store if you care to make the journey to Inverness. Somerfields may take weeks to sell off old stock, good job it has no competition from the old brands it is selling off!