Saturday, March 05, 2005

First chilling picture of the terror lurking offshore

Thanks to Citizen Steve for alerting Nairn and the world to this menace. Definitely a custard-slice from Asher’s award ceremony in the making here. Keep alert citizens!

Could the Provost help trap the sofa with a few of his tasty pies? The best in the north without doubt and no-one should ever visit Nairn without buying at least £20 worth from his shop on the High Street. Perhaps we could do it as a special attraction at the next Habourfest – as long as we could get Hugh Allison back to organise it and Capercaille to play in a giant marquee again.
Those were the days my friends


Nairn said...

technical note here... is the custard slice from Ashers in fact a vanilla slice? And what and why is a jap cake?

Nurngal said...

According to Deliaonline 'Jap is short for japonaise, if you google for "japonaise cake" you should find lots of recipes. Hopefully you'll find the one you like'
Also this -
japonaise [egg white, sugar, hazelnut]
So there you go!

Nairn said...

just curious as to what the 'jap' cake was in Ashers? Guess I will have to buy one