Friday, March 25, 2005

Nairn – eBay of the North

An Iright report:
Nairn still attracts a fair few tourists. We have numerous hotels and eateries. One of the best sea fronts in the highlands (where else has a path along the sea front). The weather is exceptional in terms of the number of hours of sunshine and low rainfall. Parts of the town are still ‘quaint’, historical, interesting. There is much to see in the surrounding area. All good so far but as a tourist I have itchy pounds in my pocket which I want to spend, so I hit the high street. If I want to overdose on carry oots and charity shops then the main street in Nairn is surely heaven. But I don’t want this kind of shopping paradise. I maybe want shops such as those you will find in Grantown, Kingussie, or even Cullen to name but a few nearby towns which seem to be doing well. These seem to have local shops with interesting items. I am holiday, I don’t want to go to Tescos I shop there every week, I want to spend in Nairn - help!


Spelding said...

I would agree with most of the comments. However, with regards to the ebay of the North, while you can get real bargains on Ebay the same can't be said about the charity shops any more. Have you seen some of the prices recently - they're not cheap! Gone are the days when you could pick up something for a reasonable cost. Surely the whole idea for the charities is to make money, if the shops are full of the same stuff week in, week out, then their not making money! Isn't it better to charge a smaller amount and sell the item, rather than having it sitting in the shop and hope that you'll eventually get the higher price? Simple economics?

Nairn said...

I had heard that charity shops were up against folk who bought from them and then sold (at profit) on eBay

Graisg said...

Aren't they up against some of the executives at head office that demand huge salaries?