Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Harbour Street Gridlock

From our roving reporter iright

Harbour Street The closure of the Bailey bridge has seen increased traffic in Harbour Street. As you enter from the town end it is the norm for parked cars to be on the left hand side, however as there is no-longer an exit over the bridge, Harbour Street gridlock is fast approaching. Do we need double yellow lines with wheel clampers in operation? Harbour Street Stores need folk to be able to park outside. Harbour Street has long harboured bars that have attracted the young folk of Nairn, but living in the street must have long been a nightmare at closing time, especially at the weekend Harbour Street also offers a portal to the Fishertown. Road speed restrictions seem very confused though. I would have thought that it would have made sense to have a blanket 20 mph speed limit, but no... Harbour Street allows 30 mph, and turn left into the Fishertown and you might not be aware that you are entering a 20 mph limit Harbour Street needs more thought and action from our town leaders. Many a tourist ventures to the sea front and harbour by vehicle, but their exit onto the A96 road is both challenging (hill start) and dangerous (limited visibility, volume of traffic) Maybe a rota with a local councillor on duty with their finger upon the pelican crossing at the top of Harbour Street?


Graisg said...

So what was the Satellite TV van doing at the harbour? Have Skye realised that Nairn is the key to the hypermarginal seat that this new parliamentry constituency is? Will promises on a new Bailey Bridge swing the general election. Time to press for the six-lane motorway along the seafront?

Nairn said...

Looking into my crystal ball I can see a pop up of Harbour Street devoid of vehicles... spooky!