Thursday, March 24, 2005

Harbour Street Gridlock – Sensational picture!

Unfortunately the visit of the Blog photographer to Habour Street wasn’t at the same time as iright our roving reporter but yes other people have noticed problems too iright, you are not alone. Population increases, more people driving in from the ‘suburbs’ or using the A96 to access the Tesco stores in Forres and Inverness. The situation doesn’t look good. The Bailey Bridge would be of some relief to the Fishertown there’s no doubt about that. Will it ever be repaired replaced?
Meanwhile just yards away on the Inverness Aberdeen super-highway things were a little busier. You really must make sure motorists are going to stop before you use the pedestrian crossings on the A96: even red lights don’t seem to convince a minority that that would be a good idea.
The blog has seen an advertisement in a local ‘dead-tree’ media outlet that announces a public meeting for Tuesday 29th March at 7.30 p.m. in the Nairn Community Centre. Organised by the Nairn Suburban Community Council to discuss the A96 trunk road and associated planning matters. Get your gurns together and get down there!

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Nairn said...

Nairn suffers rather than gains from the volume of traffic passing through the town - noise, pollution to name but two negatives. Neighbouring Forres does at least have a bi-pass - is this what Nairn needs?
For the driver trying to hammer along the A96 Nairn offers many obstacles. Coming in from Inverness there is a 40mph speed limit which drops to 30mph. Several island crossing points for pedestrians, traffic turning right (often stopping traffic behind). Traffic lights, followed by another set, a roundabout, a pelican crossing, more traffic lights and then you speed up as you hit the 40 mph as you reach the outer limits of the town.
Do we need all this traffic? Safeways did at least try to send a lot of their products to us by rail at least as far as Inverness. I wonder if Somerfields has a similar policy, I fear not.
The cost of car ownership has dropped over the past few years. Public transport here in Nairn is pretty crap. Make it good and reduce fairs and then we might see less traffic?