Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sia uairean - Six o' clock

The chip papers dance in the breeze. The cleaners are at work in the Co-op. The papers are going on the shelves just along the High Street. Seagulls drift overhead reflected in the streetlights. A huge lorry unloads the lines with the latest logo at the supermarket. Two joggers go down the brae discussing mundane things. By the legion the dawn chorus starts to overwhelm the sound of seagulls as commuters head for their train. A confident suburban cyclist makes good speed past the war memorial on his way to the Industrial Estate. The yellow municipal machines leave the council depot, their mission should they accept it, to deal ruthlessly with the chip papers.Nairn is moving again, breakfasts are being made.

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Nairn said...

Dedication is great but you are maybe getting up too early. Nothing much to gurn about at the that hour in the morning. But here is one... should all Nairn services be moved outwith the town centre (shock, horror). Our main post office is a prime example, why not move it to say the Links - have you seen the grid lock around 5.10 pm as folk in cars try and park to post their mail to try and catch the 5.15 pick-up? Is there any truth that 2nd class letters to IV12 addresses (Nairn) get there quicker than 1st class, as these are sent to Inverness for sorting!
What is the future of Royal Mail?
Is a stamp too sticky... we need to know!