Sunday, March 13, 2005

Is Blogging the new Rock And Roll?

Quite often now you hear the mainstream media talking about bloggers and what they are up too. I read today that a blogger has been invited to White House press meetings for the first time (not us Guv): the blogging phenomena is elbowing its way into the mainstream and changing the face of how people look for their information.
An article too in the ‘Ecosse’ Sunday Times supplement detailing the activities of It is a sort of Scottish bloggers club with nearly 200 members but most of them are in the central belt with only 8 to chose from in the Highlands and Islands at present. Well worth a browse if you are ever out surfing aimlessly in the near future.


Stuart Dickson said...


I have written this post regarding the Ecosse article. I refer to A Gurn from Nurn:

Sunday Times Scotland doesnae like bloggers

Oh Dear. Allan Brown, the dead-tree journalist assigned by Sunday Times Scotland's Ecosse supplement to scribble a story about Scottish blogging, does not like what he finds. We should not... "

Bill said...


I just discovered your blog, from a comment you left at Stuart's 'Independence' blog - the link there was to your Gaelic language site (at least I'm assuming that is you, too) and from there the link to this English language site. I'm glad there is an English language site, as I'm afraid I couldn't follow the other one, though, unfortunately.

It is nice to know there is now at least one other blogger in Nairn. Do you know of others as well?

Nairn said...

You might have to lift the odd stone to find one.. but mains water, electricity, broadband are seem to be here bill :-)

Graisg said...

The regulars here are really bloggers themselves now Bill - just like columnists on the 'Wood media'. You can learn Gàidhlig in Nairn now Bill, there's even a entry about the classes on this blog.
Well sin agad e bhuamsa a-nochd, bidh mi air ais aig an aon àm a-maireach:-)
That's it from me tonight, I'll be back at the same time tomorrow.

PS Will put a link in too

Bill said...

Thanks for link. Reciprocated.