Friday, March 04, 2005

Citizen Steve spots new sofa threat

Concerned Nairnite Steve contacted the blog today to forward an alarming picture to our technical department. We hope to soon have picture processed by our able bodied back room boys and girls, if they can finish that tin of Grolsch and get back to work! Please be patient viwers.
But yes, lurking just off shore near our finest bathing beach is the sofa, it can't be seen but it must be there waiting to attack the first people that go for a dip this spring. We know because we have seen ourselfs Steve's dramatic new picture that confirms our worst fears - the sofa is still there. The Highland council should put up warning signs in English and Gàidhlig now!


Nairn said...

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... that red fin cuts through the waves. If we find a torso Sandy Park will have to face the press - tourists may never come back. The beaches will be deserted. Nairn has a killer settee on it's hands, we need... someone, soon, please? Thunderbirds where are you?

Nairn said...

P.S. Tyat tin of grolshh is playing havok witj teh tyop depuieryt.